14 Years Ago Today: Kanye West Beat 50 Cent

Kanye West on September 11, 2007. his 3rd studio album ‘Graduation‘, 50 Cent, was released his 3rd studio album, ‘Curtis‘. The events that brought the two big names to the day these albums were released, and their aftermath, would be called one of the greatest fights in rap music history.

50 Cent, announced that he would release his 3rd studio album ‘Curtis’ on September 11, 2007. Kanye West, who would normally release ‘Graduation’ on September 18, defied 50 Cent by releasing this album on September 11. The challenge wasn’t just between Kanye and 50 Cent. The winner will also determine which way rap Music Goes, leading the market in the future. 50 Cent said he would quit rap if his album sold less than Kanye’s.

Finally, when the calendars showed September 11, 2 artists also released their albums, which they trusted very much. Sales numbers would come out after 1 Week. Looking at the reactions among the listeners, 2 albums also received decidedly positive reviews. This feud of two big names led to 2 high-quality albums in the name of hip-hop. 1 with sales numbers coming in at the end of the week, Kanye West’s Graduation album was announced to have sold 957,000 units, and 50 Cent’s Curtis album to have sold 691,000 units. 50 Cent’s sales, which can be considered quite successful in a normal week, have not been enough against Kanye West. After that day, rap music continued its transformation, and for a long time, Kanye West was among the names who led this transformation Dec.

Held at the beginning of the following year, the 50th. At the Grammy Awards ceremony, Kanye West’s Graduation album was among the nominees as Album of the year, not just rap. Dec. Curtis wasn’t even nominated as rap Album of the year. Kanye came back from the awards ceremony with 4 awards, while 50 Cent drew zero.

Kanye West’s Rival Today Drake

Kanye West, who released his 10th studio album 2 weeks ago, is in competition with Drake these days. West, who released the album ‘Donda’ on August 29, 2021, sold 520k in its first week. After 5 days, Drake, who shared his ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Album with his fans, left Kanye West behind by selling 600k.

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