21 SAVAGE Says His Next Goal Is To Work With Jay-Z

21 SAVAGE Says His Next Goal Is To Work With Jay-Z

21 Savage said his next goal is to work with Jay-Z.

The world-renowned rapper 21 Savage took to his official Twitter account to show off his admiration for Jay-Z and included him in his new goal for the future.

Born in London, 21 Savage is a talented American rapper who has released two solo studio albums so far. Releasing his debut solo album in 2017, titled Issa Album, 21 Savage had released his second and latest solo album in 2018, titled I Am > I Was.

Recently, the musician has updated his social media page to reveal his future plans. He wished to work with the world-class rapper Jay-Z and became the target of people who’ve been joking about the issue.

On his September 9 post, 21 Savage has updated his Twitter to say that he wants to make a collaborate with Jay-Z.

“Next Goal, 21savage ft Jay Z,” the musician tweeted via his official page.

Later then, fans started to make jokes about his tweet. When the musician tweeted his thoughts, a fan replied to him to say that he need to take 500k instead of his featuring. After all, the musician has quoted a fan’s tweet and replied it saying that he’ll get both.

“I’ll get both,” 21 Savage responded to a fan. “I was blessed with the gift of gab.”

People Supports 21 Savage In His Case

At press time, 21 Savage was received more than 70k likes with his tweet. While nearly 400 people retweeted the post, more than 50 people have shared their thoughts with the rapper.

In the response section of the tweet, people sent supportive words for 21 Savage. Also, a person named Snakey said that Jay-Z should be the person who begs for a collaboration.

“You’re better than him,” he said. “He should be the one begging for a feature.”

One more fan named pahkipsee took to her Twitter to send a message to 21 Savage. She was saying the same thing with most people, he’s better than Jay-Z.

“But you’re such a better rapper,” she tweeted. “You don’t have to stoop to getting a feature from Beyoncé’s bd just because he’s connected with Beyoncé.”

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