4th Person Was Arrested Into The Murder of HoneyKomb Brazy’s Grandparents

In the investigation into the murder of HoneyKomb Brazy’s grandparents, after three suspects were named in February 2021.  A fourth person was arrested and charged in connection with the murders.

Patrick Lewis was arrested on Friday, February 25. Lewis, 21, is charged with three counts of murder and shooting at an occupied home. He is also accused of shooting in the parking lot of a shopping mall. A man died on there, September 18, 2021.

As for the other three suspects, Darrin Jamark “DD” Southall, Terrance Sanchez Watkins and Jamarcus Devonta Chambers remained in police custody in connection with the murder of Tony and Leila Lewis.

Southall will serve a 35-year sentence after being convicted of running a multi-state drug ring responsible for heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and other drugs.

Lawrence Battiste, Director of Mobile Public Safety, said somethings about that. “It relates to specific details of the case, we’re still kind of holding that closer to the base simply because, you know, anything that we say at this point could potentially compromise a successful prosecution,” said.

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Judge Didn’t Allow Honeykomb

HoneyKomb had him jailed for a probation violation last year, and asked his mother Tenecsha Jones, to write a handwritten letter to the judge requesting that she and her brother be released from prison.

He hoped for something from this. However, his brother passed away in January. The judge denied HoneyKomb’s lawyer’s request to release the rapper to attend the funeral.

Also he is scheduled to be released from prison in March.

According to Fox 10, there was animosity between Southall and HoneyKomb, including the Rap-A-Lot protégé’s arrest in 2016 in connection with the murder of Southall’s nephew. A grand jury refused to plead guilty.

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