50 Cent Continues Attacks On Benzino And Young Buck

Looks like 50 Cent will never stop talking about Benzino and Young Buck on social media.

G-Unit rapper 50 mocked Benzino for allegedly having an affair with a transgender woman. Then he started talking about Young Buck. Curtis Jackson joked about his two enemies in an Instagram post on Friday, April 15.

“This just in Benzino & Young Buck are currently in studio recording,” he wrote. “who knows maybe they will start dating. New power couple alert. LOL.”

50 has targeted Young Buck nonstop for years. The Power producer continued to bombard Benzino about his affair with a transgender woman. He also gave chance to Young Buck’s financial troubles.

Benzino denied having a romantic relationship with a trans woman named Shauna Brooks after clips of them talking surfaced online. He claimed that the clips that were released were deliberately edited to make him look bad. He said the conversation had passed years ago. 50 nevertheless continued to spread the clips on social media. He did not miss this opportunity.

“He’s an informant and he has no morals,” Benzino said. “And he has no really good judgment. The n####’s a multimillionaire and he’s posting s### about me that ain’t true. F### that n####. I ‘ll stick my dick in his girl ‘s mouth and then we can see who ‘s a tranny. ”

Young Buck Says 50 Cent Forced Him Into Bankruptcy

Young Buck claims 50 Cent forced him into bankruptcy.

Former G-Unit member, During the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast (via TMZ), he talked about his troubled relationship with 50. According to Buck, he had to take drastic measures, including bankruptcy, because 50 people tried to stop his bag.

“I make my money with music, so of course doing that stopped my income all over the board,” Buck said. “I had no choice but to go this way.”

Buck said 50 cent him a cease-and-desist letter to prevent him from releasing and disseminating music. As a result, he filed for bankruptcy to pay off his debts, including the 50 money claims he still owes.

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