50 Cent Continues Trolling Madonna Despite Apologizing

50 cent trolled Madonna again on Instagram, who refused to accept Madonna‘s apology for making fun of him before. “Well what a positive influence you are. LOL #likeavirgin63 challenge. I’m sorry, SORRY DIDN’T WORK!” 50 cent wrote in the new post. The rivalry between 50 cent and Madonna started when 50 cent trolled him for posting nude or similar photos on Instagram.

50 Cent

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50 cent said he didn’t want to play with her feelings and posted on Twitter.

“I must have hurt Madonna’s feelings, she went and pulled out an old MTV photo, okay sorry. I had no bad intentions. It’s no use hurting her feelings anyway when I saw the picture I said what I was thinking because where have I seen it before I hope you can accept my apology.”

Madonna refused to accept his apology, labeling it “bullshit.”

“Essentially, you were trying to shame me. You were trying to humiliate me. Your apology is fake. It’s bullshit,” Madonna said, before explaining that “an apology is not valid if you don’t know what you’re apologizing for. What you should be apologizing for is your misogynistic, sexist, ageist behavior and remarks.”

Check out 50’s newest post on Instagram below.

50 Cent

Meanwhile, Madonna, of course, replied again.

Music icons are in trouble as 50 Cent posted a series of “risque lace and leather” photos of Madonna on Instagram. The photo of Madonna under the bed was ridiculed by 50 cent, and 50 cent had made fun of many people before.

“This is the funniest s**t,” he wrote on Instagram last month, likening her to the Wicked Witch of the East: “LOL That’s Madonna under the bed trying to do like a virgin at 63. She  shot out, if she don’t get her old a** up.”

50 Cent apologized for “hurting Madonna’s feelings” in a tweet. He said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” But he later deleted this tweet.

But in an Instagram video uploaded Friday (10 December), Madonna said;

“Yeah, your apology is fake,” she said. “It’s bulls**t and it’s not valid. Let me just hit those four, five points about your apology being invalid.”

50 cent

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