50 Cent & G-Unit Claim Ownership of Young Buck’s Music Catalogue

Record label G-Unit, which we’ve known for a while to be owned by 50 Cent, claims to own Young Buck’s music catalogue. The disagreement between the two sides continues.

Buck was accused of trying to hide $24,228.14 in royalties in the first quarter of this year from royalties. It recently settled in bankruptcy on a $515 monthly payment plan. However, 50 Cent insists that the money be paid to him, as he thinks G-Unit owns any music made by Buck.

“Under the clear terms of the Recording Contract, the G-Unit Property belongs to G Unit because it owns all of the works comprising such property and [Young Buck] is only entitled to a percentage of the net proceeds G Unit earns from licensing such works. Therefore, the Motion to Compromise should be denied,” 50 Cent’s lawyer William N. Helou explained.

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In July 2014, G-unit gave Young Buck $250,000 in exchange for signing a recording contract to record two albums. According to hotnewhiphop.com, it is said that the terms of the agreement have not been completed.

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“Here, the compromise is not fair and equitable because the Trustee’s settlement with [Young Buck] is premised on the incorrect assertion that the G-Unit Property is property of the estate. It is not,” Helou said.

50 Cent Was Teasing Madonna Recently

As you know, 50 Cent has been on the agenda lately with his trolling of Madonna. Refusing to accept his apology, he trolled Madonna again on Instagram and stated that he will continue to do so in other similar photos Madonna will share.

Well what a positive influence you are. LOL #likeavirgin63 challenge. I’m sorry, SORRY DIDN’T WORK!

He apologized to Madonna after his first trolling, but Madonna didn’t accept that apology.

I must have hurt Madonna’s feelings, she went and pulled out an old MTV photo, okay sorry. I had no bad intentions. It ‘s no use hurting her feelings anyway when I saw the picture I said what I was thinking because where have I seen it before I hope you can accept my apology.

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