50 Cent Reacts To President Joe Biden

50 Cent is a rapper who is up-to-date on everything and has something to say for sure. He took to to talk about Joe Biden and his new decisions.Instagram

He wanted to comment on Joe Biden’s new $30M Harm Reduction Plan, which is supposed to provide drug users with safe smoking kits/materials to promote safe drug use and “advance racial equality”. He used a few sentences about it on his personal Instagram account.

“OK, I don’t understand what’s going on now. Let’s just give them some crack everybody loves CRACK. SMH @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi, ”50 wrote in the caption of his post. The post featured the Daily Mail headline.

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50 Cent has previously commented on Joe Biden and his presidential plans. He has made it clear that he is not a fan of Joe Biden’s tax plan announced during the election process in 2020. He also used a few sentences about packing his bags and leaving the country should Biden win against Trump.

50 Cent
IG Post by 50 Cent

There was also an uproar among fans when 50 Cent backed Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden in the 2020 election after tax plans. Known to be conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has received support from Trump’s senior campaign advisers Katrina Pierson and Candace Owen, although many of his fans are  turned their back on the famous rapper that known for his songs like “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'”, “In Da Club”, “Candy Shop”, “Window Shopper”.

50 Cent ‘s Next Album Will Be His Last

The rapper and TV boss last appeared in front of his fans in 2014 with an album called Animal Ambition. Interviewed to promote the upcoming Power spin-off series Force 50, Curtis  “50 Cent’ Jackson said, “Smile my next album might be my last.” said. He announced on The Talk that he will continue to air music, but will most likely focus on TV projects.

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