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50 Cent Responds To Super Bowl Fat Shamers

50 Cent is never ashamed and in place. The rapper, who was notable for his surprise appearance at Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, re-performed his iconic music video for “In Da Club” upside down, looking heavier than in the original video nearly 20 years ago. Social media reacted to her gaining weight, with some even trying to fatten her up.

“50 cents went for a dollar he ate,” wrote another, while another wrote that “50 Cent lives the line ‘he likes cake like a fat kid’.”


But he was able to see the ’50s joke. While recreating the “In Da Club” video, he laughed at the body shamers by re-posting memes in which one of D12’s Bizarres hangs upside down. “Who did this?” he asked.

50 Cent
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He Denies Being Ashamed To Be Fat

The hip-hop mogul also capitalized the moment by promoting his new G-Unit streetwear line. “Get your G-Unit Tank tops and Headbands Now,” he tweeted.

Later, he rejected the idea that he was ashamed to be fat.
“I’m making fun of it, they’re just teasing me because they know I can drop the weight,” he said. “That’s why I laugh with them. Oil staining only applies when ashamed of fat. LOL.”

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The image was one of the highlights of the historic halftime show, as 50,000, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar, reminisce about the surprise old ones. The performance averaged 103.4 million viewers, compared to last year’s The Weeknd (96.7 million).

50 Cent Resurrects the G-Unit Style




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