50 Cent talked about “Murder Was the Case”

50 Cent talked about “Murder Was the Case” inspired by the life of Snoop Dogg.

“Murder Was the Case,” a drama inspired by Snoop’s life, no longer appears on STARZ. He wrote in a deleted tweet: “Murder was the case is no longer in production at STARZ. I give them the alley-oop, and they drop the damn ball. Anyway, I hope snoop tell his story.”

The series was announced by the “Power” showrunner four months ago. It would focus on the career-changing case of the murder of West Coast pioneer’s rival gang member Phillip Woldermariam.

The 21-year-old, who is Calvin Broadus, was not charged with murder. According to The Baltimore Sun, he was later accused of being a partner in the murder. The security guard was charged with murder. Evidence suggests that Snoop’s bodyguard, McKiney Lee, is the one to focus on.

The trial, presided over by Judge Paul G. Flynn, lasted for three months, from November 27, 1995 to February 21, 1996. No murder, assault or criminal complaint was made.

It is not known whether the series project will be given to another studio. On the other hand, there is no progress on this.


Benzino Blasts 50 Cent

Raymond “Benzino” Scott has made headlines about transgender actress Shauna Brooks and legendary rapper 50 Cent.

Last week, 50 Cent revealed that the 56-year-old television personality is in a relationship with transgender actress Shauna Brooks. He had charges targeting Benzino. 50 even joked that Zino and his estranged G-Unit rapper Young Buck could make a “strong couple.” It was alleged that Buck could also date trans women.

“We’re talking about a man that is on paperwork ratting. We’re talking about a man whose lyrics were used in federal indictments to indict a bunch of people,” said Benzino.

He added, “He’s the first 6ix9ine, like the first Hip Hop rat. That’s a fact. Now he’s gone on to do great things… You don’t remember he filed paperwork against Murder Inc?”

Claims of whistleblowing resurfaced around 2019. 50 Cent denied being an informant during his 2020 Cigar Talk interview. “They’ll say, ‘He a rat’ or ‘He this, this, and that.’ All you gotta do is ask them who I told on? I ain’t never told on no n#### in my life.“


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