50 Cent Talks About Eminem

50 Cent spoke after reuniting his close friend Eminem with the screens after a long time.

Eminem is actually a very experienced name in acting. Apart from his music career, he also took part in many film projects. He had a very successful acting, especially in the Oscar-winning drama movie 8 Mile. Power producer and hip-hop icon 50 Cent’s new show, BMF, watched Eminem as White Boy Rick in the first season.

The audience, who saw Eminem on the screen, experienced great happiness.

The first season of BMF is available to watch on the STARZPLAY platform via Amazon Prime Video, and the second season will soon meet with the audience.

50 Cent
50 Cent and Eminem (image: Getty Images)

Speaking exclusively to express.co.uk, 50 Cent brought together Snoop Dogg and Eminem in the seventh episode of the new crime drama “All in the Family.”

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“It was great,” 50 Cent recalled about working with Eminem in the episode.

“I think it was the comfortability of me directing that even allowed him to say yes to that.”

“It was great,” 50 Cent recalled working with Eminem on the episode.

“I think what allowed him to say yes was the comfort of my directing.”

It seems likely that Eminem will appear in front of the audience in the rest of the series. “White Boy Rick” is eagerly awaited by the audience.

Will 50 Cent and Eminem Collaborate Continue?

As you know, Eminem last took part in the 2014 project “The Interview”. Eminem, who portrayed himself in this project, was featured in the music video.

He also starred in Entourage and in the movie Funny People, and while presenting sections of his own life on 8 Mile, he actually played himself.

50 Cent is very happy to be working with his old friend Eminem again and it looks like they will continue this collaboration. The duo, who are likely to continue their collaboration on Amazon Prime, may meet their fans with different projects. Didn’t we miss a lot?

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