The Kardashians Blame Kanye West in Latest Episode

Kim Kardashian expressed her concerns about learning that Kanye West has released a new song. The Kardashians final episode aired on May 26.

“It means he’s talking mad s### about me and probably saying whatever” she said. She continued, “I think that I will never stop being me. All I can do is control how I react to something. I can’t control how he treats me or how he has always treated you guys,” she told her family. “I protected that for so long, but I said, ‘I will never let that happen to you guys again.’ For once in my life, I feel strong.” She added, “I am not going to let someone treat you guys [a certain] way or myself.”

Kim said it was very difficult for her to hear Kanye speak publicly from loved ones in the midst of their divorce. “I do recognize the impact that my relationship has had on my family. And I have never had the opportunity to just say, ‘I am sorry,’ she added.

Kim filed for divorce in February 2021. The ex-couple have been married for seven years.

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West Is Trying Different Things in His Life

McDonald’s has put on a makeover courtesy of Kanye West.

Ye posted on Instagram for the first time in more than two months to announce a new partnership with McDonald’s. Working with minimalist Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, he’s reimagining the fast-food giant’s packaging. He opened the minimalist box of one of his McDonald’s sandwiches.

“You’re teaming up with legendary Muji industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to redesign McDonald’s packaging,” he wrote.

Prior to that, he teased the collaboration in an IG Story. “Next week it’s the fries,” he wrote while quoting lyrics from his Late Registration  hit “Gold Digger.” Ye has shown his love for McDonald’s in the past. In 2018, he tweeted that Mickey D’s was his “favorite restaurant.” He also made a surprise appearance in a Super Bowl commercial for the Chicago-based chain in February.

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