6ix9ine Announces His Return

Ready or not, months later, he’s back in 6ix9ine.

The controversial rapper remains silent, but seems ready to finally return. Taking to Instagram on Friday, the self-proclaimed “King of New York” announced that he was releasing new music on Friday, April 15.

“I hope everyone enjoys 15 minutes there. THE DEMON RETURNED ON APRIL 15,” HE TOLD HIS 21.5 MILLION FOLLOWERS. “I am the monster they cannot contain. The industry was the most hated animal. APRIL 15 THE KING OF NEW YORK RETURNS. I’m going home.”

He also shared a terrifying trailer. In the minute-long clip, a woman pretending to be her mother is seen comforting her in a pool of blood before the tattooed “Demon” ers out of the water. “April 15th, the beast wakes up,” reads a message at the end.

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This was Tekashi’s first music since his 2020 album TattleTales, which spawned the #1 hitTrollz” with Nicki Minaj.

“When I left and took a break, I didn’t say anything to anyone,” he said during a break. “I didn’t have to explain anything. I JUST DID IT. I woke up, and now I want to take over again. Now get out of my way. The King of New York is back.”



Wack 100 Addresses 6ix9ine Going Broke, Says He Sent Him $20 for Gas

Wack 1006ix9ine‘s chief operating officer, isn’t afraid to talk about the Brooklyn rapper’s money problems.

Shortly after 6ix9ine reportedly “struggled to hold the ends,” Wack confirmed that the 25-year-old rapper was struggling financially during a Clubhouse session.

“Yeah, he broke as a motherfucker,” Wack explained. “That na 6ix9ine ain’t got nothing! Man, that na over there doing bad. Bro, I had to send that na $20 for some gas. That’s why we was telling the people, ‘Ain’t really nothing we can do for you right now cause na broke-broke.’ It’s fucking terrible, man. Sad thing to see such a talented young man [like this].”

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