6ix9ine Blasts Fat Joe

6ix9ine had some words for Fat Joe after rejecting him in a recent interview.

While featured on Math Hoffa’s podcast “Expert Opinion,” Joe didn’t hold back while sharing his thoughts on the controversial rainbow-haired rapper.

“It’s a sucker, he’s a cat, a sucker, a bitch,” Joe said. “This kind of shit is doing this ni**a, I believe you want to die.”

However, he stopped wishing to harm Tekashi, who had scolded members of his former gang, Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. “I don’t want that or anything like that to her, but I’m convinced she’s unhappy in her body. He can’t look in the mirror.”

Joe went on to say that he had no problem with 6ix9ine being a snitch, but he did have a problem with him acting like a gangster. “It’s about keeping it real with your people,” he said. “What’s happening now is that it’s going wrong to keep it real.”

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6ix9ine has a new target: Young Bandit.

After mingling with everyone from Lil Durk to Fivio Stranger, the infamous troll took aim at the YSL rapper after he was arrested on charges of racketeering and gang-related charges.

In a series of posts on Instagram Stories, the “GINÉ” rapper mocked Thug’s apparent choice of womenswear while illuminating his plight.

“Now He Can Be My Brother,” wrote a photo of Thug allegedly wearing red lipstick and purple eyeshadow in a nail salon. “Put Kooleid on your lips and run the garden.”


6ix9ine is very active these days

In a later post, he shared another photo of a thug-like man in a leopard print dress and a man in a leather skirt.

“I wish it was fake. The prison is trying to go crazy for my brother,” Tekashi said.

The trolling continued with the image of a woman at a gas station photoshopped into Thug’s head body. “Okay, I’m out of Na free fog. I mean, brother,” he wrote.

He who is serving her own prison sentence on racketeering charges, also uploaded a video of Thug saying, “I want your man,” commenting, “There are too many men there.”

During an interview with the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast last year, Thug predicted that he would sniff out gang members in the 2019 racketeering case.”

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