6ix9ine claims it was broken despite showing millions of dollars.

Last week, the “GINÉ” rapper posted a video on Instagram of himself walking around with what he claimed was $2 million in cash while surrounded by a fleet of luxury cars. “I don’t wear caps. It’s really my way of life. That’s really how I live,” he said, showing off a few diamond watches that he claimed were as expensive as a house.

“I really found your net worth in my trunk,” he said as he opened the hood of a Lamborghini with more money in it.

He continued to count $1.3 million in cash. “It’s really my way of life. I’m the King of New York. I can really get away from rap for two years. I could have done that. You can’t all do it,” he said.


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6ix9ine Argues The Money Is Fake

When asked about the lavish show of wealth, he said the money was not real and that he was using the counterfeit money for “entertainment.” “I don’t understand right now. It was prop money,” he told TMZ just days later.I’m an entertainer… I have a degree in entertainment.”

6ix9ine may be claiming she was offended because she owed $1 million to robbery victims in a criminal case in which she sniffed out members of her former gang for a reduced sentence. In legal documents, he told a judge he was “struggling to make a living” and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

In the video, 6ix9ine appeared to mock Fivio Foreign, who recently contested the title of “King of New York,” although he did not mention Fivio by name.

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