6IX9INE Returns Music With New Single GINÉ

The devil comes back screaming. After taking a break from music and social media, 6ix9ine announced the return of her new single “GINÉ“, named after an energy drink. On his first release in a year and a half, the infamous troll returns to his wild ways. He misses music so much!

“I shot at all the rappers / Real life, no hats,” he raps, surrounded by his team in the video and skinny-dressed women. “The Feds blamed me for it, the whole fuin, so eat a piece of shit, little nia.”

He also appears to once again take aim at Lil Durk following the death of King Von. “Your man got shot and you made a diss track / Go get a gun and get some get back / Your man got shot, he not coming back,” he raps.


6IX9INE Reunited With Music After Many Years

This was Tekashi’s first release since his 2020 album TattleTales, which spawned the no.1 hit “Trollz” with Nicki Minaj. “When I left and took a break, I didn’t say anything to anyone,” he said during a break. “I didn’t have to explain anything. I JUST DID IT. I woke up, and now I want to take over again. Now get out of my way. The King of New York is back.”

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And he’s already starting to recruit more enemies. This week, fivio foreigner was trolled over album sales after the “City of Gods” rapper challenged him to the title of “King of New York.”

He also claimed his music was a “blackball.” “Don’t compare me to another rapper on our broadcasts,” Tekashi said. “Spotify and Apple + receive editorial playlists on radio spins,” he wrote. “I have to fight ten times more to compete. I know hating ’69 is a trend, but the truth is the truth. Go on.”

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