A$ap Rocky Says He’s Proud To Start A Family With Rihanna

A$AP Rocky is about to become a father.

As he prepared to have her first child with Rihanna, A$AP Rocky  stopped by rapper REVOLT’s “Drink Champs,” which reflected her relationship with his superstar girlfriend and baby-to-be.

Rocky during the talk, WE TV‘s

He complimented N.O.R.E. about his authentic relationship with his wife, documented in “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.”

“I could see the reality between both y’all and shit, and I can really say, it’s like all of you had a shit together, y’all went through a journey and that’s real. It’s not a fabrication, it’s actually a fact.”

Rocky said he hopes to apply this to his relationship with Rihanna. “And that’s what I want to keep, it’s just real real shit, just f k what the outside world is going on, f **k is what the outside world is thinking, and shit like that. It’s really about the understanding between the two components, you and the other important one.”

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Asap Rocky

Asap Rocky Quite Enjoyed The Interview

Earlier this month, Rocky released his new single “D.M.B.” i had released her upcoming album All Smiles. In the video he directed, “Marry Me?” with Rihanna. and they’re getting married while wearing a couple grill that says “I’m getting married.”

Rihanna has previously spoken about her relationship with Rocky, who went serious during the COVID quarantine in the summer of 2020. “There’s no brand-your-brand-bullshit, it’s just us living. I just feel like I can do any part of life with him,” she told Vogue.

Rihanna was with her man when he was arrested on his way to LAX from their vacation in Barbados. Rocky is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a non-lethal shooting in Hollywood in 2021. He didn’t refer to his April 20 arrest in his “Drink Champs” interview, but did respond to comparisons between him and Travis Scott after N.O.R.E. accused Travis of stealing “all his style.”

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