Azealia Banks Talks About Megan Thee Stallion And Jay Z

Azealia Banks said Megan Thee Stallion pretended to be shot. She mentioned that this is a marketing tactic allegedly invented by Jay-Z.

On Friday, May 20, Azealia Banks took to her Twitter account. Fans have said that Megan posted a photo of herself with Doja Cat at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. They said she took out Cara Delevingne, who was sitting in the middle. Banks, a close friend of Cara, made some allegations.

“And the fact that horse face wide back meg the fucking stallion who has no grace, couth, is in desperate need of a serious ethnic rhinoplasty has the nerve to try and shade Cara She needs a saddle on her back and a summer jumping hurdles in Ocala Florida before anyone gives…His hands of the ghetto and throws her to the streets where she belongs,” Banks seethed in her Twitter rant. “What an angry, violent, aggressive and messy lesbian drunk. Fucking yuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk. Cara is not your fashion bitch sis…You screamed protect black women then helped Popeyes sell surplus sweet heat sauce and fried chicken sandwiches.”

Banks also included Jay Z.

“Jay-Z literally took one look at ur dumbass and switched out the Hennessy for his own brand of d’usee while u grieved the loss of your mom…even he knows that is all you are worth. Being a fucking desperate statistic easily swayed,” she wrote. “Jay-Z’s female artist marketing tactics are so fucking played out. Drum up some domestic violence lie, garner public sympathy, strip the artist of her confidence, isolate them and use them as vehicles for whatever white think tank agenda ala mode It’s actually fucking pitiful.”

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Megan Thee Stallion Style At The Billboard Music Awards

Megan Thee Stallion dressed differently throughout the night for the Billboard Music Awards.

The first performer to appear on the night, the rapper made a glamorous appearance on stage in a custom-made Mugler jumpsuit. Before taking the stage, she wore one more duo-tone piece designed by Mugler Creative Director Casey Cadwallader. She mesmerized her fans and everyone on the red carpet.


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