Benny The Butcher Talked With Ebro Darden on Apple Music

Benny The Butcher sat down with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 and talked about some situations.

Conway The Machine said in February that it is no longer contracted to Griselda. Benny then spoke about his former company friend.

“I’m gonna break something down for you… We’re going to always be crew,” Benny told Ebro. “I don’t think Conway is still signed to Griselda, but that’s ‘signed’ to Griselda. He’s going to always be Griselda.”

Benny also said that Conway didn’t actually own the business, the owner of the business was his cousin Westside Gunn.

“West is the sole owner of that,” Benny said of Griselda. “I think that’s one of the big misconceptions is that they own it together. But that’s West’s baby. Like Conway tell you if West own a building, he did the construction type of thing.”

Benny’s comments came after Ebro asked Conway a few weeks ago to tell him where he stopped.

“It ain’t nothing to even trip off, for real,” Conway said. “I don’t know what’s going on… everybody just doing so much man, just on the individual side that we don’t really kinda be having the time to really connect all the time and link. We don’t all live in the same city no more, we don’t really hang out and do shit no more, see each so all these conversations we don’t necessarily get to have all the time.”

Benny unveiled the cover art for the project, an oil painting of Westside Gunn and his late brother, Machine Gun Black, on Tuesday, March 8. “It just don’t get no more authentic than this,” Benny wrote alongside the cover.

Late 2021 Benny The Butcher Collaborated With Def Jam Records

Benny The Butcher made a big move  by signing with legendary Def Jam Records.  Benny signed a collaboration with legendary Def Jam Records last month. No doubt this is a big move.

Snoop Dogg, current Executive Creative and Strategic Advisor to Def Jam Records, mediated this collaboration. Snoop Dogg, who set up this business because he wanted to revive the label, led the signing. Benny The Butcher’s signing was his first major label deal, and he said he was delighted to be joining the team.

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