Berner Reveals A Never-Heard-Before Fact About Gotti: "I Even Reached Out To JAY-Z

Berner Reveals A Never-Heard-Before Fact About Gotti: “I Even Reached Out To JAY-Z”

The American rapper Berner admitted a never-heard-before fact about his newest album Gotti and disclosed that Jay-Z was almost going to work with him on the record.

Starting his rap career in 2007, Berner has released 16 solo studio albums at press time. Debuted in 2007 with Dirty Sneakers… Plenty Ways To Get It, Berner unleashed his latest solo effort Gotti on December 3, 2021. In Gotti, he worked with successful rappers such as Nas, Future, Rick Ross, Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine.

Since the first day of the album’s release, new details about the album have been continuing to emerge. During a new interview with Gary Suarez from Cabbages Hip Hop, the talented rapper admitted that he was almost getting the world-class rapper Jay-Z into his new album Gotti with Memphis Bleek‘s help.

“I even reached out to JAY-Z to get on the album,” Berner says. “He didn’t get on the album, but he heard the record, it was put in front of him. And there was a rollercoaster for like a week where we thought he was going to do a verse to the project.”

“Shout out to Memphis Bleek. The fact I was actually able to put the record in his hands is a life goal on its own, to even entertain that conversation.”

Berner Explains Why Jay-Z Didn’t Do A Verse On ‘Gotti’

The world-known rapper Berner then went on to explain why the Grammy Awards-winner rapper Jay-Z didn’t do a verse on his album Gotti. According to him, he limited Jay-Z to send him a verse, and Jay-Z did not interest in it because he was limited.

“I put time limits on everything,” Berner explains. “Maybe that’s part of the reason why JAY-Z didn’t do the verse. I sent him an incredible record and I told him I needed by this day.

“And my boy was joking with me, like, ‘Did you just try to on-demand JAY-Z?’

“I only have X amount of time to work on the music, like with Cookies being what it is, with the clothing, the apparel side of the business, being what it is, I don’t have much time to work on music.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Berner shared his honest opinion about his own music and claimed that he never became a huge artist.

“I don’t really leave too much time for overthinking,” Berner said. “I’ll go do all my parts and I’ll wait for certain things to come in.

“We have to wait for vocals from other artists and stuff like that. But I go rap all my shit in seven-to-ten days. That’s how I’ve been doing it ever since 2006.

“I don’t write music at the house and think about song titles. Nah. When I’m at the house or when I’m not moving, I’m thinking business. I’m doing business. When I get to the studio, I write everything right there on the spot.

“I don’t know if that’s the best way. Maybe that’s why I never became a huge, huge artist, but shit works for me and that’s how I’m able to knock out all this music as well as like maintain the business.”

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