Beyonce May Release a New Song Before Christmas

Nobody stay calm! Beyonce’s new song may be on the way. Beyonce’s last studio album “Lemonade” was released in 2016 and although she has released other music projects since then, her fans looking forward to a new Beyonce era.Thanks to an ATRL insider, the Beyhive have reason to hope. The person using the beyonceupdates page on Twitter claims to be a major CD and Record Production related to Beyonce’s new album. shared a photo post.

They are reportedly ‘Colorful’  coming very soon.

Saying that he did not want to give hope to anyone at first, he wrote the following; ‘Looks like a Record Label is upset that I’ve kept a secret, so now disclaimer that ‘It may or may not happen’ to my posts he said i put it.


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In the meantime, they added that Queen Bey‘s song “Before Christmas” could be released and it could be a great gift. They continued to say in the vinyl thread that ‘Production on her physicals is really ramping up’ and there have been ‘a lot of formats in production.’

Of course, hundreds and millions of Beyonce fans expressed that they were very ready and eagerly awaiting this news on Twitter. He started to share and comment, frankly, we would be lying if we say that we, as the Rappersmag family, are not happy with this situation.

‘If this is true I am truly going to be broke this Christmas,’  one fan wrote.

‘A fun, carefree Beyoncé album is what I’ve been begging for omg please be true,’  said another.

However, fans do not believe in this situation because such news has been widely discussed on social media on the internet and has not been realized before. Since there has been a lot of fake news on social media lately, it’s very normal for fans to think like this in this situation.

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