BIA Supports Cardi B in Lauren Smith-Fields Case

BIA supports Cardi B’s awareness for Lauren Smith-Fields, a woman who tragically died on a date with a man she met on an app. As you know, the investigation into the case was opened after Cardi B tweeted.

On Sunday, January 30, TMZ reported that Lauren Smith-Fields family attorney Darnell Crosland said the 2022 HipHopDX Rising Star has greatly helped by using its platform to shine a brighter light on the case, so we see famous people being sensitive to this issue.

Shortly after Auren’s death, the BIA met with Crosland in Connecticut to discuss the case and offer support, expressing their support. By trying to raise awareness about the media, he supported the family in solving the incident. The BIA thinks that celebrities should not stay silent and talk about social justice.

Lauren Smith-Fields, 23, left her home in December to meet a man she met on a dating app. This unfortunately brought her death. Cardi B and BIA supported the family to shed light on the event with their statements. Afterwards, there were many developments regarding the event. The coroner said Smith-Fields died as a result of an accidental drug overdose.

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In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the two detectives involved in the case are placed on administrative leave and “lack of sensitivity to the public and failure to follow police policy.” were under investigation.

Cardi B Strengthens The Case With Her Tweet

The Lauren Smith-Fields family also thanked and trusted Cardi B for shedding light on the case. As we have already informed you, Cardi B posted a tweet calling for justice in Fields’ death, thus turning the case into a criminal case. The police had not even opened an investigation before Cardi B tweeted.

“Justice for Lauren. Connecticut you have failed that young lady!!!”

The family’s lawyer spoke to TMZ about Cardi. “instrumental in getting Lauren’s tragic death to become a criminal case, police launched their investigation only after Cardi spoke out”.

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