Big Latto Agreed With Omeretta’s Comments That “dictated what qualifies as Atlanta”

Following the release of “Sorry Not Sorry,” Big Latto agreed with Omeretta’s comments that “dictated what qualifies as Atlanta” and further controversy ensued.

According to hiphopdx’s report, after mentioning Savage, Migos, Ludacris, and Ciara in Verse 21, they accused the Clayton County songwriter of shadowing other Atlanta rappers. Big Latto, on the other hand, took care of the situation. She felt the need to say something about it. She told fans on Twitter on Thursday, March 3, that that wasn’t the case.

“Y’all I’m not dissing the people I named on the verse!!” she wrote. “I’m saying so Migos is not Atlanta?? 21, Ciara, Ludacris etc because they technically not from the city but helped make it what it is!”

She added in another tweet, “That ‘ishnot Alanna’ TikTok that Shaderoom I had just sent the verse back to Retta & we was watching y’all eat it up in the comments. Check the background I was literally at the studio lol.”

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After these words of Latto, troll answers continued to come from the fans. Latto also seems to have closed this issue for now. “Lmao I’m done teasing y’all I’m tired of getting cussed out just hold off til tomorrow for a nice surprise,” Latto wrote.

Omeretta claimed that she eventually questioned whether the verse she translated to Latto was really what she meant to say.

“When Latto sent the verse back I couldn’t even text no mo I had to call like girl wtf why u do that track like that,” she tweeted.

Big Latto Dressed Like 90s Beauties

Big Latto was recently spotted in Miami, Florida. She looked pretty cool and sexy in her blue latex dress.

The 23-year-old rapper took to the streets of Miami in a blue mini dress that flaunted her curves and muscular legs. She completed her look with a gold purse, gold jewelery and ankle strap heels. She saluted the 90s by leaving her hair like a long veil that fell next to her face. The rapper, who does not neglect to share photos on Instagram and discuss this with her fans, “Y’all b***** was in n out I’m still that b***,” she captioned the photo set.

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