Big Latto Is Angry Over What Has Been Said

Big Latto has been having days of rage against Cleveland rapper Big Indo, who claimed to have stolen her song.

Big Indo called Latto on Instagram, who saw Latto wearing a frosted bikini while walking with the goat. Comparing her own clips and Latto’s unreleased track, Indo took to Instagram with “NOT THE BEAT TOO just higher tempo I’m sick cause I looked up to LATTO it look like she been lookin up to me tho or her team stealin sauce,”. “I obviously got million dollar ideas.” wrote.

Big Indo scolded Latto for stealing her bra and panty set during the photo shoot, and even compared the similarities in their names, which angered Big Latto. Big Indo continued as follows. “She went from mullato to ‘BIG LATTO’. I went from ‘Big Indo’ to ‘BIG INDO’. I been ‘big’ indo since I started.”

Big Indo, who also uses Instagram Story, said, “It’s the comments everyone know the real I don’t have to say anything anymore. I don’t have to call nobody out they name keep it cute sis.” said.

Big Latto responded to Big Indo on her Instagram Story. “It’s givin… nobody.” She continued, “Y’all really think I’m 1 of the 14 ppl that listened to her before??? Lmao I cannot make thi shit up. I’m over here frustrated af cause IVE NEVER HEARD OF OR SEEN SHAWTY EVER IN MY LIFE!!!! DON’T FLATTER YOURSELF!”

“Like I said … my mamma can drop dead right now if I’m lying,”. He argued that the photo shoot was on his birthday and that the similarities between the songs were coincidental.

Big Indo Puts The End On Big Latto

According to Complex‘s report, Big Indo wanted to go back in his own story and fix Latto. “I said I like HER. It ‘s the simple fact my song was stolen if not her, her team or someone put it in her face do n’t drag what I said. I want to see all my female rappers win just with they own music.”

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