Big Latto Is Tired of Facing Its Old Name

While Big Latto continues to be a rising star, it can sometimes draw criticism. Just like many of us.

She’s been in trouble with all sorts of criticism from critics about her old rap name, Mulatto. The sexy rapper, who changed her rap name to Big Latto in May, could not escape the sarcastic remarks of the critics. But Big Latto seems ready to face it all.

On December 29, a fan took to Twitter to ask the meaning of her new name, asking if people could forget her old name instead of telling her the meaning of her new name.

“Y’all not over this yet,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’ve apologized for it multiple times even tho I didn’t name myself at 8yo. I took the blame/accountability, turned over a new leaf & made sum positive of it.. all while maintaining my trademarks, LLCs etc w/o branching too far off my established brand.”

Big Latto (via Twitter)

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The nickname Mulatto has serious racial undertones, and people can criticize it. It is a suggestive word for people of African and European descent. Big Latto was also understanding about this name and made the necessary arrangements. She had changed her name without hesitation.

Big Latto Responded to Big Indo

Big Latto obviously won’t let that question be asked as she grows her popularity in the hip hop market. Lastly, the famous rapper, who had a fight with Big Indo, responded harshly to Indo’s allegations that she stole her songs and name for herself, and denied these allegations.

Finally, she added freestyle to Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin” and celebrated with a video showing her 23rd birthday celebrations.

“I’m top 40 now but you were all laughing, most of these bitches hate to drive me nuts’ cause they know I’m on my ass,” she had stressed.

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