Billie Eilish Finally Shared Her Hidden Tattoo

Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish has previously said, “I never show!” she showed the tattoo she said to everyone at the MET Gala event she attended recently. Eilish, who attended the night in a burgundy dress with slits, showed the pose she gave to her followers and presented them to their liking.

Billie Eilish, who made history as the first woman and youngest singer to win all four Grammy awards, was one of the most striking guests of last week’s MET Gala. Eilish, who wore more than one outfit at the night, first preferred a pale pink tulle dress. The singer, who also shortened her hair, reflected the old-school Hollywood chic.

Billie Eilish, who changed her dress late at night, preferred an outfit with burgundy slits and a cape. The highlight of Eilish’s dress was the slit revealing the tattoo on her upper right leg.

In an interview with Vanity Fair last year, the famous singer said about her tattoo on her leg, “You’ll never see it!” she had spoken. But Billie Eilish, who exhibited that tattoo at the gala night, shared her pose with her followers on her social media account.

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Famous singer Billie Eilish talked about her insecurity about her appearance in an interview she gave for the promotion of her new album “Happier Than Ever” in the past weeks. This insecurity can become frustrating for her.

Eilish told The Guardian, “I see people on the Internet, they look like I’ve never been. I was like, ‘Oh my God, how can they look like this?’ I say.” she had used the phrases.


Saying that she still compares himself to others from time to time, the singer said, “This makes me feel bad. I’m happy with who I am, actually, I have a very happy life.” she had spoken.

“Obviously I’m not happy with my body.” Speaking of performing on stage, Billie Eilish said it forced her to “get away from the ideas she had about her body”.


Eilish, who is known for wearing loose clothes, explained that this preference “makes it easier to move without showing everything.” Talking about the look created by her choice of clothing, the young singer said, “It can be really unpleasant. It looks like I didn’t even know what my outfit was in the photos.” she said.

“I have a terrible relationship with my body that you wouldn’t believe,” Eilish wrote. She ended with his words.

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