Bizzy Banks Arrested After Swat Raid

Police raided Bizzy Banks’ apartment and found two kilos of weed, $2,750 in cash and a handgun loaded with hollow bullets. The Brooklyn rapper Bizzy Banks was thrown into a prison cell in New Jersey on January 7.

According to local broadcaster The Daily Voice, a SWAT raid was carried out on the area, and following the arrest of Bizzy Banks, the Brooklyn rapper was charged with drugs, weapons and money laundering.

The 23-year-old rapper, real name Majesty Blessed Moses, was previously jailed in 2019 on unknown charges. Then Pop Smoke took him under his patronage and his ascent began.

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Bizzy opened up about his family’s legal issues in a 2020 interview with DJ Booth:

“… My older brother and my father going to jail when I was younger, it just made me become older at a young age because those two were the only two males in the house really,” he explained. “It was [just] me and my mom after a while. So, after that, I had to get on my gritty shit. Growing up where I’m from, you can’t slack in no way possible. I had to look at life differently.”

Bizzy Bank
Bizzy Bank’s Arrest Report

Bizzy is currently held without bail, according to the Bergen County inmate database.

Detective Captain Michael Antista with the Hackensack Police Department told the Daily Voice that Bizzy is being held at Bergen County Jail, where he awaits his first court appearance. It is unclear how Bizzy Banks, who is facing many charges including an illegal weapon, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as money laundering, will come out of this.

Bizzy Banks Accuses CJ of Imitating Him

Bizzy Banks had previously been on the agenda with the news that CJ was impersonating him. Bizzy Banks, who dealt with CJ in his Instagram story, announced this imitation to his followers all weekend.

“CJ nigga shouldn’t give me credit,” she wrote in the story. “It’s messing up my n-gga lingo and my flow I’m sick of not getting the recognition I deserve. I started this new wave of drill rap, let’s talk about it.”

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