Bobby Shmurda Says He Needs Sex Therapy

For years, fans have been waiting for Bobby Shmurda, whom they hope will return with his signature style. In the end, their cravings were satisfied. Shmurda somehow came back.

Months after its release, what we can get from Bobby Shmurda is limited. These are his tweets about dance music, dance choreographies, and needing sex therapy. This of course was disappointing. Expectations from him are very different. On the other hand it was what his fans were most looking forward to, showing his comeback with his own music and his own style.

Bobby Shmurda is also aware of the feelings of his fans. He is unable to produce musical content and is uncomfortable with the backlash from his fans.

Bad Days of Bobby Shmurda

Finally, he could not bear to express his reaction. According to; “I ain’t been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old and I just turned 27 and honestly idk when sh*t dropping. So don’t ask me shit go ask them mf’s since they wanna control everything!!!!!!!”

At the age of 19, he appeared on stage with “Hot Ni**a” in 2014 and signed with Epic Records. Captured by police soon after, Bobby was sentenced to 7 years in prison for conspiracy and possession of a gun.

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After his return, Bobby Shmurda, who spent more time on social media than his music, will see if he can give a direction to his career from now on. Only time will tell if it’s going to get harder and harder for him to produce content, or if he’ll be able to come up with something that will make his fans happy.

After months of freedom re-discovery, Bobby Shmurda had to do something for his fans. The rapper, who kind of satisfies the hunger of his fans with “No Time For Sleep”, arouses curiosity with what he will do next. We will be watching the new steps of the eagerly awaited rapper. 

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