Bobby Shmurda Talks About His Own Dance

Explaining the real reason behind the dance moves in his Instagram post, Bobby Shmurda touched on some points that his fans were wondering about.

The rapper, who won the love of his fans with his unique character and unique dance, proved this with his “Shmoney” dance. After her 2014 single “Hot N*gga”, Shmurda once again became a hot topic for her fans with her energy-filling dance. In a recent post he shared, he made some speeches about how he spent his time in prison and his thoughts for the freedom he deserves.

In his January 4 post, he posted a video on Instagram of inmates dancing with makeshift handles and knives. He explained that he used to do these dances himself and now he dances as a free man.

Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda via WallsDesk

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“Watch them Mf’s who be dancing when they come out of jail [laughing emojis] had one the size of my foot I used to walk around with in my socks (Frank and beans) lol nah but Rns I rather dance outside free in videos stages clubs iG TicToc wherever I could then to do it in there again so remember to appreciate your freedom!!!!,” he captioned the photo.

Bobby Shmurda Owns Original Dance Figures

Bobby Shmurda, who spent six years in prison, dances at every opportunity and enjoys freedom again. The rapper, who dances with his unique figures without being afraid of anyone, continues to inspire everyone.

Wiz Khalifa also could not remain indifferent to Bobby Shmurda’s dance and tweeted praising his dance. “If I could dance like Bobby Shmurda I would. I be too stoned to move my body like that but that shits hella awesome to watch,” he joked on Twitter.

Shmurda, who kept his fans waiting for the song, soon surprised them. We look forward to the new tracks.

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