Britney Spears: I Want Justice

Brittney Spears, counting the days for her father Jamie Spears‘s guardianship to be completely removed, reproached her family, who was not with her during the lawsuit. Expressing that he will no longer be understanding and remain silent, Spears wrote that he wanted justice for what was done to him.

Britney Spears’ lawsuit to end the 13-year guardianship of her father, who controlled her personal life and money, was settled last month. The court suspended the guardianship of father Jamie Spears. The famous singer, counting the days for his father to completely remove his guardianship, reproached his relatives who were not with him in this process.

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Britney Spears


Brittney Spears posted a message to her entire family from her social media account: I don’t mind being alone and I’m actually sick of being the understanding Mother Teresa. This message to my family; For hurting me more than you can imagine! I know your guardianship is almost over, but I still want justice. All my life I’ve always played the bigger person. Do you know how difficult this is?

Britney Spears


At her first public hearing, the 39-year-old singer said, “To be completely honest with you, I want to sue my family. I also want to be able to share my story with the world, instead of being a silent secret, I want to tell what was done to me.” she said.

Britney Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears also made the statement after the criticism she received from her fans and the end of her father’s guardianship. Spears also claimed that she was psychologically abused by her mother and father in the past.

Britney Spears


Father Jamie Spears was given guardianship of his daughter, who was hospitalized at the time for concerns about her mental health, by a court order in 2008. Her father controlled all of his daughter’s wealth and made the legal decisions on behalf of his daughter. With the suspension decision, it can also be investigated whether the father abused this duty during the guardianship. The lawyers, whose decision was evaluated, commented that, in this sense, the suspension decision, which allows retrospective research, was in Britney Spears’ benefit. Hundreds of Britney Spears fans gathered in front of the court to welcome the decision.

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