Britney Spears Took a Social Media Break After Getting Engaged

Britney Spears announced that she took a social media break, after her engagement to boyfriend Sam Asghari.

When the Instagram account of the singer, who came to the agenda with the custody case and finally the developments in her love life, was not reached, it became a matter of curiosity.

When it was stated that Spears‘ profile may have been blocked by the platform, the pop star made a statement on Twitter.

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Spears   Instagram account had been the focus while the custody case was ongoing. When his struggle to regain control of his life became public. She began to make more intimate shares on Instagram, and in one of her recent posts, she also shared her criticism of her father and sister: “My so-called support system has deeply wounded me.”

As she continues to fight in the guardianship case, there has been a new development regarding the singer’s private life recently. Spears announced her engagement to Asghari. The singer said in her statements during the trial that her guardianship prevented her from marrying Asghari and having a baby.

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