Cardi B and Country Music Collaboration

GRAMMY Award-winning Playboy Creative Director Cardi B interviewed country singer Jimmie Allen to do a remix of the 2020 hit “Money.”

Entertainment Tonight released a video. She released a surprise video combining both genres for her show “Cardi Tries” in a Los Angeles theater. According to Cardi B, this was her first pop-up performance since 2019.

While the two of them finish the episode, they also give awards to the fans. It’s a mashup of that club hitter where Allen plays guitar and Cardi sings country songs.

This is not the first time Delaware artist Jimmie Allen has resorted to mixed genres. The Delaware artist recently performed at the 2022 CMT Music Award. He included Monica in his performance of “Pray” with Little Big Town.

Cardi B In The Wilderness

Cardi B has shown she can do a lot through the Cardi Tries Facebook show. The Up rapper managed to become a creative productor. She won a Grammy. She got a tattoo and faced her fears.

In the latest episode of the Cardi Tries series on Facebook, Cardi and comedian Affion Crockett are spotted in the wilderness near Thousand Oaks, California. They team up with survival expert Donny Dust. They asked Crockett why he was accompanying Cardi. He also spoke about this subject.

“People always ask me, ‘If you were stranded somewhere with somebody who would it be?’ And I always tell them, ‘I rather be with somebody that’s gonna make me laugh because if we’re going to die, we’re going to die laughing,’” she told the comedian.

Together, Cardi and Crockett try to find shelter in the wilderness. They are trying to turn dirty water into drinking water through socks. They are trying to learn the tricks of making a fire. Cardi Tries series reached over 6.8 million views with the Valentine’s Day episode featuring Offset.

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