Cardi B. and Her Green Dress in Paris Fashion Week

Cardi B.’s green dress, which participated in Paris Fashion Week, was talked about a lot on social media. While some followers likened the famous rapper to a cartoon character in this outfit, one user said, “You can’t be serious! Look at the details of Cardi B.’s outfit, it’s gorgeous!” she responded to the criticism.

Cardi B., who came to the fore with her extravagant and extravagant outfits on stage and in daily life, was among the guests of Paris Fashion Week. It was seen that the famous rapper, who came to the agenda with the allegations that he had oil removed after his birth, did not compromise on his interesting clothing style.


Cardi B in Paris Fashion Week

Cardi B. preferred to wear similar outfits in purple and then green at the event. The green costume of Cardi B., who had her second child in her arms last month, was talked about a lot. The rapper was likened to the heroes of the famous animated movie Teletubbies, which left its mark on a period with this appearance.

Cardi B. knows very well how to talk about herself in addition to her successful stage performances. Thus, the rapper, who can always stay up to date with his fans, can establish a more intimate relationship with them. We can say that he is an idol for his fans with his songs, sympathetic demeanor and sincerity.


Wearing a body-hugging red dress at an event she attended last week, Cardi B. got into shape in a short time after giving birth.

This situation was expressed by her followers, “As soon as she gave birth to her baby, she immediately had plastic surgery and liposuction.” led to comments. The famous rapper made a statement on the subject after the allegations about him.

Stating that everyone asked her whether she had liposuction or stretching her tummy, Cardi B. said, “You can’t have plastic surgery right after giving birth, especially me…”.


Emphasizing that he lost a lot of blood during his second birth, the rapper added that he would one day talk to his followers about how he had a difficult birth. Revealing her physical appearance that changed after birth, Cardi B. also encouraged her followers who were trying to get in shape after giving birth to a baby like herself.

Cardi B. started her career as an erotic dancer and then a television star. In recent years, the singer is one of the most popular young generation rap stars in the music world.

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