Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion Learn To Play Football On New Cardi Tries Episode

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion were together on the new episode of Cardi Tries. “WAP” collaborator Megan learned football with Cardi in the new episode.

“Alright guys, today I’m going to learn NFL,” said the Bronx native at the start of the episode. “Since I have a son, I want to be one of those sports moms that be all involved in the sports activity, and I want to learn all about football today.”

Cardi chose one person who would “be the perfect person” to learn the sport together. This person was Megan. “I’ve never played football, but I do know how to catch,” quipped Megan.

The couple entered the Chargers’ practice building in Costa Mesa, California. Megan joked about an experience. “I used to dance for the drill team in high school,” she recalled. “I used to be up at 6 o’clock every morning on the football field lookin’ at them boys.”

Cardi and Megan later met Chargers player Antonio Gates. They took a 40-yard run followed by defensive and offensive lessons. Gates then introduced them to Kevin Duddy, the team’s equipment manager.

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Cardi made a joke about the old days before the run. “When I used to be in high school, I used to go to a lot of hooky parties,” Cardi said. “And the cops used to bust the hooky parties a lot, so I had to run a lot.”

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion Showed Dancing Skills

Cardi and Megan showed off their skills in the post-goal dances. The duo showed James and Allen a touchdown dance that they would choreograph when they score in the next game.

“One thing I learned about football is that you really need a really strong teammate, and that’s why I got my teammate right here,” Cardi says about Megan with a laugh. “We had so much fun, and I feel way more confident about football. [I’d] love my son to be in it.”

“I like catching, I like throwing or whatever, so I’m really glad that Cardi had me out here today — my teammate,” Megan said. “I have a newfound support for the NFL because I can’t believe y’all out here doing this to y’all self.”

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