Cardi B Attends the Launch of Whipshots in Miami

Cardi B launched Whipshtos with a fun party at Pharrell and David Grutman’s GoodTime Hotel in Miami.Cardi B, who joined the drinking scene of celebrities, has now started to sell liquor, but the “authentic” spirit is tekila. or not “rom” as expected. It’s a whipped cream with full vodka. Cardi and Starco brands 500 boxes a day on have been running out in less than four minutes since December 1st.

Cardi said that;

“I’m not really a hardcore liquor-drinking person. And I like things that are sexy and tasty. It’s going to be a party in every can,” Cardi tells Billboard.

“At one time I was planning to do margaritas, but this is more fun.”

On December 4, with Cardi Pharrel and David at a fun party at The Goodtime Hotel in Miami She made her Whipshots debut. Offset, Mary J. Bilge and Timbaland as they enter the party with a crew of music giants including record producer Tainy, actor Winston Duke, and football player Dale Moss. blew up a few boxes.

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Cardi B

Cardi says;

“This is eggnog right here,”

“The vanilla one I’ve been eating for a week. We are going to have different flavors next year.”

Starco Brands CEO Ross Sklar says that Cardi was the perfect partner for Whipshots because her fun, playful personality perfectly matches the ethos of the product.

Cardi B

Also  Sklar says;

“We commercialize products and technologies that are meant to be behavior changing,”

He continued with his words.

“We look at all the sectors that we play in spirits, and food was really lacking innovation,

“We saw this tried in like 2005 and it didn’t work because the product life had issues. From a technology standpoint, and from a formulary vantage point, it’s very hard because the alcohol depresses the foam. You really have to balance it until you find a sort of utopia. And then dialing in packaging, the back end and the automation and supply. It’s a huge enigma to solve. We’ve been working on it for just over four years. It’s an innovation in the celebratory category.”

And then, just add Cardi.

“You’ve got to find somebody that has a personality that is transparent, super fun, super playful. Someone who doesn’t mind being flirty, but above all, is herself. The product delivers and the personality delivers … That authenticity delivers credibility,”

“I’ve been meeting with them since May. I gave them some ideas that I have because I want the brand. I want sex. Sex appeal. I’m a wild girl,” Cardi says. “And that’s what I want on the brand. I want to have conversations that people are afraid to have. I want beautiful women. I just think of Playboy like back-in-the-day Playboy. That’s what I want. I want to bring that back. I’m excited but now I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed because I could get a lot of pressure, but I know that I could do it. “

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