Cardi B Complains About Some Ways People Behavior

A tweet by Cardi B became the subject of social media discussions. It’s no surprise that Cardi’s tweets are getting so much attention.

The ‘Up’ rapper said how ungrateful people are when their wishes aren’t met. She said she was uncomfortable with this. In a statement on her own twitter profile, she noted that a person can do 100 things for people, but if they don’t do one, they can be criticized.

She wrote, “Annoyed…You can do 100 things for people and that one time you don’t do something for them they will throw it in your face…”

Some of the responses to Cardi’s tweet are as follows;

@YolandaHinton14: Thats manipulation. Also take it as a sign. They are showing u how ungrateful they are. Put them in a square bc they have shown u they r only n it for what they can get

@Adoken509: This is why I always do one thing not much ,,,,🙅🏿‍♂️

@Daisyness62: Thats the right you gave them after doing 100 things for them that too constantly that too freely.

Latest News About Cardi B

Famous rapper Cardi B recently took her 3-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari with her and had a fun day at Disneyland.

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Cardi with her daughter Kulture

The Bronx native shared photos of herwith his daughter on Sunday. Kulture was spotted in a Balenciaga shirt and sweatpants. She combined her gold necklaces and gold watch with Balenciaga sneakers and a black crossbody bag.

In a short video, Kulture tells her mom Cardi, “We’re late, Mommy. We need to hurry up.” said. Cardi also shared a photo of her holding hands with her daughter. Sharing their time at the amusement park on his Instagram Story, the rapper was very happy with her daughter.

“Are you having fun?” the proud mom asked before Kulture responded, “Yes!”

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