Cardi B is seriously considering going vegan. However, she also asked her followers for help in finding a meat substitute, which she loved so much. Receiving numerous responses from her fans, Cardi B also received a recommendation from American Television Actor Drew Barrymore. Cardi B’s response was funny.

Cardi B wrote, “I want to go vegan but I love meat.. are vegan meat replacements similar to meat in taste or not really?

Receiving more than 3000 replies, Cardi B carefully read many comments, as we guessed.

One user replied as follows. “You can find a lot of similar ones. Beyond meat is like the best-named brand One, but they have really good other ones. I like non-soy-based ones for health reasons. But I’m sure you can hit up some top-notch vegan chefs and ask for their opinion or something.

Another user wrote, “LA has some good spots! try both the burger and the chicken sandwich from montys good burger in LA. crossroads on melrose is so good. v tree has vegan soul food. and cena vegan has bomb mexican food all vegan! “Oh, Ily,” he said.

Television personality Lucy Watson, known for her veganism, is also “Yaaaas so many options.” commented.

Cardi B, who also has followers who want her to reconsider her decision to become vegan, let’s see if she will continue on her path with determination and become vegan.

Cardi B
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Drew Barrymore is also a fan of Cardi B and advised her of some meat-free products from the food brand Quorn.

Lucy Watson, a longtime vegan TV personality, also commented, “Oh, there are so many options.” But some advised the I Like It singer to retract her decision to go vegan.

Cardi B Answers Drew Barrymore Sympathetically

One user commented, “Don’t do this to yourself“.  American actor Drew Barrymore also posted a video along with the tweet, admitting that she is one of Cardi’s biggest fans ever. She offered Cardi B some meat-free options from her food brand Quorn.

Drew Barrymore helped Cardi B
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Cardi B’s response to herself was quite sympathetic as follows; “Ommmmmmmmgggggggg ….naaaa imagine getting food advice from Drew Barrymore (topic/drew Barrymore). I love meat so much and I LOVE CRAB LEGS but I haven’t been digesting food the same no more especially red meat.

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