Cardi B Considers Tattooing Her Face

Cardi B can make a face change. She’s close to adding some ink to her face in honor of her toddler son, she wrote on her social media account.

Cardi B can make a little change in her looks. We’re very curious how it will look if he does. The famous rapper, who stated that he will honor this with his son starting to walk, is seriously considering getting a tattoo on his face.

The couple, who has not yet shared the name of their son born on September 4, 2021, with the public, when will they do it, which continues to be a matter of curiosity.

“Random but ….I’m 1% close too tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it,” she wrote.

In response, one fan said she wanted to do the same to her ear, while Cardi B said she wanted to put it on her chin.

“I want mine on my jaw”

Cardi B is not far from the tattoo world. Although he does not have a tattoo on his face yet, he has many tattoos on his body. Face tattoos were not very common in the Hip Hop world until the last 15-20 years. It was accepted by the mainstream thanks to rappers like Lil Wayne. The number of rappers who have tattoos on their faces has increased tremendously.

Maybe Cardi B would have done this already by now, but corporate sponsorships may have prevented it. Cardi B may also be worried that it might interfere with these sponsorships.

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Some fans are trying to dissuade Cardi B from the idea. Some of the fans who wished she would abandon this decision brought up an old tweet from the summer in which Cardi B expressed how happy she was that she never got the face tattoo she planned to do.

“look at me this is not you your better than this ? maybe put it on your belly or stomach idk but DEFINITELY NOT ON YOUR FACE. Now I need you to read this tweet before you make a mistake ❤️”

We wonder if Cardi B, who is in the plans for a new album this year, will make any changes on her face and get a tattoo while she is making her album plans. She doesn’t seem to have made a clear decision yet.

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