Cardi B Explained Why She Was Educating The Public On Performance Fees

Cardi B questioned her revenge on Monday, February 21, and was then forced to replace her with a Twitter troll.

“Over a M wit 1 album BIG SUPERSTAR are you dumb?” she wrote. “Waiting on my agent got like 3 overseas one for 2Ms.”

Reposted by The Shade Room, Cardi B explained why she was educating the public on performance fees.

“If anybody lost this was about lil twitter debate lol,” she wrote.

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Cardi B Must Be Tired After These Situations

The Bronx rapper has faced a lot of frustrating situations lately. She first dealt with the youtuber who made a slander attack against her in the courts and won. She then clashed with Candace Owens, who insulted the rapper for her involvement in political controversies.

We have already told you about the words of Candace Owens. “It’s incredible how uneducated she is. She just got embarrassed on Twitter,” Owens said while a guest on the Full Send podcast. “She was just saying stuff about politics, and I was just responding. I wasn’t even being rude, I was just telling—like, she literally doesn’t even know what country she’s in, how the country works.”

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She added, “You know, she she ‘s hardly, you know, when she types, there ‘s 87 typos in basic words. And yet, same thing, she’s mouthing off and saying things and she literally doesn’t understand like—I don’t even think she understands like, Congress has a Senate and a House of Representatives. She has no idea what she’s talking about.”

Cardi had answered him immediately. “What’s embarrassing is that she tried to get her lawyers to make me do a public apology after she been attacking me for months and try to make me pay her 75K in a month or she threatened to sue wit NO CASE,” Cardi commented on The Neighborhood Talk’s IG. “Like how smart you are and don’t even know the law?”

Candace then responded to Cardi with allusions to Nicki Minaj.

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