Cardi B Has An Idea About Bardigang

Every rapper’s fan group has a name. Cardi B‘s fan group is called “Bardigang”. According to Urban Dictionary, “Bardigang” is a fan community that believes Cardi B is the empress of rap.

On February 5, Cardi B joined Twitter Voice and posted a video.

She said, “Hey Bardigang, so, I think I want to change ya name. Instead of Bardigang, I’m thinking of ‘Slutties.’ What y’all think? Y’all like that? Would y’all go for that? ‘Sluttygangs.’

Responses began to come from her fans immediately.

“Guess I’m a slut now 😏💁🏽‍♀️,” one fan commented.

Another replied, “You can call us whatever you want after you give us the album 🤗.”

“I’m howling 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 😭,” someone else wrote along with a Giph of Kevin Hart laughing.

“Slutties it is,” another “Sluttygangs” member wrote.

Cardi B recently won the defamation lawsuit she filed against Youtuber LaTasha Kebe, the host of “unWinewithTashak” as you know. The legal struggle that lasted for 3 years was concluded with a victory by Cardi B. It was decided that what the blogger said about Cardi B was slander, and the presenter was punished with a hefty compensation to Cardi B.

Kebe had shared several videos accusing Cardi B of prostitution, substance abuse and infidelity to her husband Offset. Kebe also stated that Cardi had contracted sexually transmitted infections when she was a stripper.

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“By making and publishing the statements, and campaign of harassing videos, including the Defamatory Videos, Defendants were intending to cause Plaintiff emotional distress,” the argument stated, and also claimed Cardi B “suffered severe humiliations” and “mental anguish.”

A jury on Monday awarded Cardi B $1.5 million in punitive damages, $1 million in general and $1,338,753.47 in litigation costs, TheBlast reported. Cardi B also earned $250,000 for medical expenses, and both parties agreed to reduce it to $25,000.

Cardi B is a True Benevolent

A man named Haj Dukray stated that Cardi paid for the funerals of five family members tragically killed in the fire. Speaking to TMZ about the rapper, Dukray said, “Cardi B, I’ll say you’re an angel. I can’t thank you enough. My family can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. I don’t know you. The thing is to pray to God for you. May God grant you all your wishes and give you everything you want in this world.” said.

Dukray continued, “We all know how expensive this can be. And for me it was a huge help and a huge relief for my family, not thinking about the cost.” “I didn’t know Cardi B was responsible for this. I mean, knowing he’s in charge now, I need to pray for him and thank him for being the angel who really stepped in to help my family.”

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