Cardi B Is A Successful Rapper And Has A Great Style

Cardi B is a successful businesswoman as well as her successful stage performances and songs. Cardi, the Creative Director at Playboy, also stands out with her style.

The Bodak Yellow rapper is known for her long and fancy nails as well as her clothing and fashion choices. Cardi said she turned to New York manicurist Jenny Bui to perfect her stony, brightly colored nails. She also admitted that it can take up to three hours to get her nails done.

Most fans love her unique look. Still, they wonder how they do their day-to-day mothering duties.

Cardi B didn’t let her long nails slow her down during her diaper changing demo and proved herself.

Cardi B
Cardi B

“You know I have two kids, so I could do it probably a little faster — maybe because I’ve been wearing nails this long since I was 19!” Cardi B said in the video.

Cardi is eagerly awaited for the new album. Fans are impatient. At the same time, the famous rapper, who takes care of his children and is a mother, let’s see when he will meet the expectations.

Cardi B Shares Her Thoughts on Strip Club

Cardi B wanted to remind her fans that her stripper life is still a part of her. She shared her thoughts on Twitter.

The Bronx native said she remembers the old days whenever she went to a strip club. The famous rapper finds herself wondering how much money she could make if she were still dancing.

“Every time I go to a strip club I start calculating in my head how much I would of made that night if I was still stripping,” she confessed. “I don’t know why ….I just automatically do that.”

As we’ve seen in Up and WAP songs, Cardi can still do this dance job very well.



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