Cardi B Is Tired of Internet Bullying

Cardi B says she’s tired of seeing Lil Kim being bullied online: ‘She’s a ‘Real Legend’.

I think it gotta be these 2000’s born kids on this app that don’t know about s—!” Cardi wrote on Twitter. Cardi B, who wants to raise her voice now, has shown her support to everyone.

She couldn’t take it anymore after 47-year-old Lil Kim, whom she saw as a true legend, was subjected to a series of hateful tweets and she wanted to tweet a few times herself. After the song “Big Santa Papi” written by Nick Cannon for the new Christmas movie Miracles Across 125th Street, the tweets went public on social media.

Cardi B, who did not specifically refer to the piece, quoted. “I‘m tired of it and it’s heartbreaking…She’s is so sweet , supportive and a REAL F—– LEGEND ..I remember when I used to beef with bitches and I used to put on my MySpace her song F- — YOU!” Cardi wrote on Twitter, referencing the rapper’s 1996 track “F— You.” “I think it gotta be these 2000’s born kids on this app that don’t know about s—!

A Twitter user, on the other hand, hinted at Cardi B’s support on Twitter: “If you want to be so supportive, you have to cooperate with her, you can’t be supported by writing on Twitter.” Cardi B answered this and said that she is not in a rush for the big moments. What we understand from this is that Cardi B will definitely collaborate with Lil Kim. It seems that Cardi B herself will determine the time for this.

Cardi B Defends Lil Kim
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 09: Rapper Lil Kim Visits “Extra” at The Levi’s Store Times Square on October 09, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Cardi B and Lil Kim Collaboration

While talking about her latest album in an interview with BUILD in 2019, she said that she wanted Cardi B for the new version of “Lady Marmalade“. “I would leave that to Cardi. Cardi said she wanted to do something like that, so let her pick. She’s got the crown,” the “Crush on You” rapper said.

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