Cardi B. Responds to ‘Aesthetics’ Allegations

Rapper Cardi B., who became a mother for the second time in September, responded to the claims that “She had plastic surgery and had her fat removed” after she got into shape in a very short time. Cardi B., who was very upset by these words, revealed her change, “You can’t have plastic surgery right after giving birth, especially me…” used expressions.

Cardi B. and Offset, who came to the fore with their exaggerated luxury spending and flamboyant outfits on stage and in daily life, secretly married in 2017 after their engagement. The couple, who was said to be divorced for a while but melted the ice between them in a short time, took their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus in their arms in 2018.

Cardi B., who gave birth to her second child last month, attended an event. Wearing a body-hugging red dress, Cardi B. got into shape in a short time after giving birth. This image, which attracted the attention of many, brought some rumors with it.


This situation was expressed by her followers, “As soon as she gave birth to her baby, she immediately had plastic surgery and liposuction.” led to comments. The famous rapper made a statement on the subject after the allegations about him. She announced that women who have just given birth cannot have plastic surgery in such a short time.

Cardi B., who stated that everyone asked her whether she had liposuction or stretching her tummy, said, “You can’t have plastic surgery right after giving birth, especially me…”

Cardi B with Her Baby


Emphasizing that he lost a lot of blood during his second birth, the rapper added that he will one day talk to his followers about how he had a difficult birth. Revealing her physical appearance that changed after birth, Cardi B. also encouraged her followers who were trying to get in shape after giving birth to a baby like herself. This sure has been a source of motivation for many of his followers.


On the other hand, the American star, who told what he did not know about six months ago, stated that he started working in a strip club with the advice of the Turkish manager of the market where he worked as a cashier in New York.

Expressing that she gained fame by working at this club, Cardi B. said, “My manager said to me, ‘I know you are struggling to make ends meet. You are a very beautiful girl, you have a beautiful body. Why don’t you do a striptease? Come, I’ll set you up there,’ and that’s how my stage life started.” .

Cardi B. started her career as an erotic dancer and then a television star. In recent years, the singer is one of the most popular young generation rap stars in the music world.



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