Cardi B Responds to Candace Owens

Candace Owens talked about LeBron James and Cardi B. Cardi applauded Candace Owens for saying “‘Incredible How Uneducated She Is’” about herself.

Candace Owens talked more about LeBron. “I don’t think LeBron means to do bad, I just don’t think he’s that smart. I really do think LeBron James is low IQ. I’ve heard him speak about issues and he’s so wrong. But I think he carries with him an arrogance, which isn’t hard when you’re being called a king.”

Then Candace Owens, known as the far-right, started talking about Cardi.

“It’s incredible how uneducated she is. She just got embarrassed on Twitter,” Owens said about Cardi. “She was just saying stuff about politics, and I was just responding. I wasn’t even being rude, I was just telling—like, she literally doesn’t even know what country she’s in, how the country works.

You know, she’s hardly, you know, when she types, there’s 87 typos in basic words. And yet, same thing, she’s mouthing off and saying things and she literally doesn’t understand like—I don’t even think she understands like, Congress has a Senate and a House of Representatives. She has no idea what she’s talking about.”

Of course, Bronx rapper Cardi B was quick to respond.

“What’s embarrassing is that she tried to get her lawyers to make me do a public apology after she been attacking me for months and try to make me pay her 75K in a month or she threatened to sue wit NO CASE,” Cardi commented on IG . “Like how smart you are and don’t even know the law?”

This isn’t the first time they’ve had an argument.

Not The First Argument Between Cardi B And Candace Owens

On the other hand, In December of 2020, the rapper smashed Candace Owens for criticizing Cardi B’s collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion “WAP” in an interview with Billboard.

“There’s certain people I want to curse out, but I don’t want to give them clout,” she said. “For example, when me and Candace Owens got into an argument, I gave that bitch 2 million followers.”

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