Cardi B Reveals How She Changes Her Newborn’s Nappies

Cardi B continues to show that she is a do-it-all personality. She can even change diapers with her long acrylic nails.

A fan asked the Bronx native how she used her long claws to change her child’s diapers. Cardi responded with a video that shows she does it effortlessly.

With more than 1.8 million views in the video, the rapper performed this show on a teddy bear.

Cardi, who fulfilled the task in a very simple way, had difficulty in one section. Buttoning up the teddy bear’s overalls was the hardest part.

While the video was being shot, her daughter Kulture appeared in the background of the video. She was so shocked that she didn’t seem to understand what her mother was trying to do.

She asks: “Mummy, why you cleaning the butt?”

To which Cardi responds: “It’s a long story.”

Many fans were impressed with Cardi’s efforts. A person commented: “This is great!!! We need more Cardi tutorials !!!!”

Another person commented: “This is great!!! We need more Cardi tutorials !!!!”


Cardi B Blames Technical Difficulties

Cardi B said she is facing technical difficulties in her new setup.

In late 2021, the famous Bronx native rapper also said that she plans to release her second album in 2022. Cardi spoke about the delays in a voice note posted on Twitter. It was nice of her to think that she should inform her fans.

Of course, Cardi was a little disappointed with the recording issues. She promised to open the registration process at a later date.

On the other hand Offset and Cardi B have vaguely stopped following Migos. This led to breakup rumors among the Atlanta group.

According to Newsweek, Migos members broke up with Quavo and Takeoff by pulling off the chase. The story goes like this.



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