Cardi B Says Her 4-month-old Son Can Talk

Cardi B said that her four-month-old son started talking and her husband Offset also witnessed this. Famous rapper and Playboy Creative Director Cardi B shared some facts about her baby she witnessed on her Instagram story on Wednesday.

“I’m not exaggerating, this baby is talking,” Cardi said. “I put this on everything I love.”

“Yesterday, I was like ‘You love Mommy? Yeah? ‘” the mom of two shared. “Then I asked him again. ‘You love Mommy?’ And he answered back ‘Yeah!'”

She also claimed that she said “hello” while watching the popular children’s show Cocomelon. These testimonies got Cardi B very excited.

“I don’t know if that’s like the pandemic thing. I don’t know if this is normal,” Cardi added. “This s— is crazy. I need a camera in his room 24/7.”

“You’re talking, and you just turned 4 months today. You’re talking for real.”

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Cardi B, who says that she also holds the bottle with both hands of her babies, whose names have not yet been disclosed to the public, often shares the developments about her daughter Kulture.

Cardi B
(image: Getty Images)

After Cardi B said her babies were holding the bottle with both hands, she added; “Im trying to remember if KK was doing that around 3 months old or if this is one of the super powers these pandemic babies coming with.”

Cardi B is Both a Successful Businesswoman and a Good Mom

We continue to appreciate the famous rapper, who prefers to raise both of her children personally, raises them in her own way, and is not a mother who gets help from outside caregivers and rushes to work.

Cardi B, who first announced the pregnancy news while performing with Offset and Migos at the BET Awards in June 2021, continued to share the good news about her healthy baby with her followers throughout this time.

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