Cardi B Shares Her Thoughts on Strip Club

Cardi B wanted to remind her fans that her stripper life is still a part of her. She shared her thoughts on Twitter.

The Bronx native said she remembers the old days whenever she went to a strip club. The famous rapper finds herself wondering how much money she could make if she were still dancing.

“Every time I go to a strip club I start calculating in my head how much I would of made that night if I was still stripping,” she confessed. “I don’t know why ….I just automatically do that.”

As we’ve seen in Up and WAP songs, Cardi can still do this dance job very well.

Meanwhile, Cardi touched on one more thing. After Joe Budden spoke of the alleged discrimination against dark-skinned dancers, Cardi immediately shared her thoughts.

“Funny thing u say that because when I was a dancer certain clubs wouldn’t let me work on ‘Latin nights’ cause apparently I didn’t look Spanish enough wit my braids!” she tweeted. “I even spoke about strip club & colorism b4.”

Cardi B Performed At Summer Jam 2022

Cardi B and Meek Mill performed at Summer Jam 2022.

This year’s Summer Jam has remained without controversy. Last year, as you know, there was the DaBaby debacle.

Cardi B
Cardi B

Meek had collaborated with Lil Baby and Lil Durk to perform the same piece in Newark last fall. As early as 14:00, fans came to the stadium parking lot and started pitching tents and cooking barbecues.

A few hours before Meek’s debut, 2019 headliner Cardi B accompanied her for a performance of “Shake It.” The famous Bronx native rapper was only an hour away from the South Bronx neighborhood. It was like at home.

Cardi’s performance took place just 15 minutes before the festival stage closed for the evening.

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