Cardi B loves family life and taking care of her children personally and raising them herself. She shares with her husband Offset, daughter Kulture and 4-month-old son.

Cardi B shared with her followers that she started her morning routine by preparing a bottle for her son at around 6 am.

“Just finished feeding him and putting him back to sleep. I’ll be preparing another bottle for when he wakes up in a few again.”

 Cardi B
IG Story by Cardi B

The famous rapper, who shared a few short videos while feeding her baby after 8 in the morning, showed her followers his tiny footed baby kicking the camera.

“Now he’s awake and full energy while I have NONE… feed, burped, changed,”

“his morning poop” is coming. “I know him too well.”

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Before 9 am, she shared another video, taking her daughter Kulture with her. Kulture showed her sitting on the bathroom counter and said that their morning routine was different.

“This is not Kulture’s normal schedule. She usually goes to school in the morning, but we’re in Georgia right now so it’s a little different.”

Cardi B
IG Story by Cardi B

However, she took a break from her Instagram stories, sharing the fact that she is busy and needs both hands.

Cardi B Is More Comfortable Thanks To Her Husband Offset

The Grammy-winning rapper showed her fans how to be a good mother by revealing how she takes care of her two children with the help of her husband Offset. Cardi B, who always keeps her family at the forefront despite having many jobs and preoccupations, has shown to all business women that she does this job very well and that it is not impossible.

She also said that her husband Offset helped her a lot in this regard. Although Offset also has children from a previous relationship, the rapper manages to find balance.

“He is definitely hands on,” Cardi B said during the interview. “Sometimes he just gets too hands on. I be like, ‘Listen, I got it. I know what I’m doing, too. This ain’t my first rodeo anymore.”

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