Cardi B Tries Somethings At Tennis In ‘Cardi Tries’ Series

Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B debuts with Serena Williams in the latest episode of her original Facebook series.

This survival show featuring comedian Addison Crockett aired on May 12. In the new episode, we see Cardi with her “Wild Side” collaborator Normani. In the short video clip, the duo are being trained by professional tennis player Taylor Townsend. They are trying to learn top serve and backhand skills.

“I’m so scared! I don’t want the ball to hit me!” Cardi B told Townsend.

Cardi Tries is currently in its 2nd season. 14 episodes left. This program, which has become a very special content for the fans, seems to continue for a long time. In other episodes, Cardi learned to craft country music with Jimmie Allen and to fish with Keke Palmer.

Alongside her new Facebook show, Cardi B has recently joined the cast of hit children’s show Baby Shark. Apart from her guest role, she also did a voiceover.

Cardi B Will Never Leave Music

Cardi B took action to clear up some rumors on social media. She started to clean up against rumors that she was leaving the music industry.

Despite being nominated for Best Rap Performance, Cardi did not attend the 64th Grammy Awards. That’s why she got into a war with internet trolls.

“Practically saying that I’m lazy, and that I was giving hints that I was going to the Grammys,” Cardi B ranted. “B####, how the f### was I giving hints that I’m going to the Grammys when I literally lasering and bleaching my p#### on my Insta story?”

Things got out of hand when some started talking about Cardi’s kids. After all this, she disabled her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“I will never leave music, no, I was talking about (leaving) the internet,” she said in a brief interview. “I would never leave music, that’s my bread and butter. Who gonna stop eating bread and butter?”

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