Cardi B Will Never Leave Music

Cardi B took action to clear up some rumors on social media. She started to clean up against rumors that she was leaving the music industry.

Despite being nominated for Best Rap Performance, Cardi did not attend the 64th Grammy Awards. That’s why she got into a war with internet trolls.

“Practically saying that I’m lazy, and that I was giving hints that I was going to the Grammys,” Cardi B ranted. “B####, how the f### was I giving hints that I’m going to the Grammys when I literally lasering and bleaching my p#### on my Insta story?”

Things got out of hand when some started talking about Cardi’s kids. After all this, she disabled her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“I will never leave music, no, I was talking about (leaving) the internet,” she said in a brief interview. “I would never leave music, that’s my bread and butter. Who gonna stop eating bread and butter?”
Elsewhere in the conversation, Cardi B has insisted Rihanna won’t need any advice about motherhood because her instinct will take over once her baby arrives.

Cardi was asked if she had any advice for Rihanna on motherhood. “It really comes naturally. So many people give you advice. Once (the baby is) in there, that mother instinct comes out,” she stated.

The Bronx native has a beautiful family with Offset. They have two children, Kulture and an eight-month-old son, Wave. Rihanna announced her pregnancy in January.

Cardi B Wants To Thicken Again

Grammy Award Bronx native rapper Cardi B expressed her nostalgia for the past on Twitter on Saturday.

Cardi shared a photo. “I wanna be this thick again,” she wrote, reposting the photo she was holding of the Wave Set.

Cardi and Offset shared their first photo with their second child, Wave, in September. The couple made a statement to PEOPLE at the time.


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