Cardi B Wins $1.25 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Blogger

Cardi B has finally won a defamation lawsuit against a gossip blogger. In March 2019, the rapper sued Latasha Kebe, better known as Tasha K, for spreading false information about her online, including allegations that she had contracted multiple STI, used drugs and worked as a person.

After a week-long trial in federal court, Tasha was also found guilty of defamation, invasion of privacy and intentionally causing emotional distress. According to Rolling Stone, Cardi was ordered to pay $1. 25 million inpain and suffering and/or reputational injuryand $250,000 for medical expenses. Tasha hinted in YouTube videos, which have received millions of views, that Cardis baby could be born with a mental disability, implying that Cardi was doing drugs during her pregnancy.

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As she took the stand, Cardi began to cry as she told the jury how she felt about the false allegations. “I felt extremely suicidal,” Cardi told the court. “Only a bad person can do that. ”
Following the announcement of the verdict, Tasha K issued a statement on Twitter.

Im my husband, Im a lawyer, and I fought really hard,” she wrote. “I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights. Winos is just from here. Ill see you in a few days 🥂🙏 get back to work. ”
Tasha also faces punitive damages, which will be determined at a hearing on Tuesday.

Cardi B Prepares For Second Week Of Battle With “Demon” Tasha K

The decision is expected next week in the battle between Cardi B and

Tasha K and looks terrible for the vloggerCardi B is preparing for her second week in court against

her nemesisvlogger Tasha K.

The rapperwhose real name is Belcalis Almanzarsued Tasha K in 2019,

claiming she defamed her in dozens of videosThe YouTuber claimed Cardi had a sexually

transmitted diseaseKebe testified to Law36earlier this week that she lied to the court about the

Up shooter to make money for her job.

Last weekCardi B claimed she felt ‘extremely suicidal‘ during the libel trial over the

YouTubers claims.

Taking the witness stand in AtlantaGeorgia, “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B told her legal team how rumors spread by Dasha K affected her

mental health.

I felt extremely suicidal,” the 29-year-old hitmaker said, billboard reported.

The Grammy-winning actress added that kebe felt “helpless” about the allegations because she has nearly a

million subscribers to the celebrity news-focused channel.

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